3 Reasons You Aren’t Selling

3 Reasons You Aren_t Selling

You ever just sit back and wonder why your stuff isn’t selling ? You know your products or services are good, only if you could just get people to see it! Well maybe you’re doing or not doing something that is holding you back from hearing your PayPal bling. Here are some possible reasons.

1. You haven’t figured out what THEY want – In order to sell something, people have to want, need, or think they need it. If you haven’t figured that out, it will forever be hard to sell. How do you figure all this out? THROUGH RESEARCH!

2. You aren’t showing them any love or attention : Nurturing your audience means being there when they need you. Answering emails, replying to comments, sharing information and ideas, etc. you HAVE to give something to get something, yes?

3. You’re selling to the WRONG people : This is one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make. If you’re a cupcake pusher you can’t sell to people who don’t like or no anyone who likes cupcakes! You have to have the right people in your sales funnel (if you don’t have a sales funnel, you need to email me  thepinknetworkatl@gmail.com)

How do you know if you have the right customers? Most people have NO CLUE that they are selling to the wrong people. I can  teach you how to find out if your people are the RIGHT people,  in my free class on finding your perfect customers.



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